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Each year, there are mandated tasks that must be completed. There are also processes that support Pastors and Churches to function effectively. Rather than every church needing to design their own processes and records, the files below may be used or adapted to suit each church’s site requirements.

The South Queensland District of the Wesleyan Methodist Church provides these support materials in a variety of formats for the use of Wesleyan Methodist pastors and churches.

If you are looking for support materials that are not provided here please email our Compliance Support Officer .  Also, if you find any errors in the resources, please contact us.


Index for Ministry Tools and Resources


Emergency Evacuation Plan: template 17
If the church building is owned by the church, you must have a plan. If the church hires a building, you must be familiar with the building’s emergency plan and fulfil the obligations of training leaders and making the congregation familiar with the emergency evacuation process.

Risk Assessment: record 17
This is a way of recording a Risk Assessment for an activity or event.

Accident Report: record 17
Details of all but the most minor accidents need to be recorded and retained on file. 

First Aid Advice: report 17
A parent/guardian must be advised of any First Aid that has been administered. 

Incident Report: record 17
Any noteworthy event that may need to be clarified in the future should be recorded. This report can also be used if a child/young person reports abuse or is suspected of being abused.  


Position Description, Work Profile, Employment Agreement: Pastor template 17
This template is aimed at the church Pastor position. Templates for other positions in churches are available upon request.

Staff and Volunteers: database 17
Churches must keep records of both employed people and volunteers. See also support information and templates in PP&RM such as “Role Descriptions”, “Leaders and Volunteers Details and Commitment”

Leaders and Assistants Personal Details: record 17
This form captures data for the ‘Staff and Volunteers” and the “Blue Cards: databases. It also provides the annual declaration by leaders and workers of their continues suitability.

Blue Cards: database 17
All Pastors and people working with children and young adults under the age of 18 must have a current card.

Child/Young Person Details: record 17
This is a form to gather the emergency and key information of each child to promoted safety and reason to an emergency.

Role Description: template 17
This template is to prepare a role description for volunteer positions such as Board/Committee members or leaders of ministries.


Required Staff Training in Churches: policy 17
Some Legislation in Queensland mandates that annual training is required. Failure to undertake mandated training is likely to increase your liability in the event of an injury.

Training Attendance Record: record 17
It is important to keep attendance records on file. See “Policies and Guidelines for the Local Church” for the retention period.

Annual Appraisal and Development: self- reflection tool 17
As part of our commitment to life-long learning and functioning at a level that reflects personal capacity in ministry, this tool helps identify lesser strengths that can become part of a professional development strategy.

Pastoral Performance Review and Development: process 17
This tool is designed for the use of a Senior Pastor to assist the professional development and training of Associate/Assistant Pastors and other staff in ministry roles. It is also suitable for the DS to use with District Pastors and the DBMD to use with Candidates.

PP&RM Leaders Training: powerpoint 17
This training program can be used or adapted by a Local Church Pastor to train group leaders in PP&RM. There are notes that accompany each slide.

Worksheet for PP&RM Leaders Training – worksheet 17
This worksheet is for use with the PP&RM Leaders’ Training powerpoint. It encourages the participant to record their learning needs, to process and internalise the learning and provides some links to other information.

Staff Induction: program 17
This training is targeted for new paid employees in a church. It could be adapted for volunteer leader positions also.



Church Asset Management Plan: process and database 17
It is vital for insurance and effective management practices to have an asset register. This process and database adds value to this need by making it easy to identify whether an item is under warranty, to locate the purchase tax invoice, to decide whether an asset should be repaired or replaced, to identify which items may need to be replaced in any particular year, to inform the budget in developing a contingency fund to avoid budget blow out in replacing items in a particular year.

Asbestos Management Plan and Register: template 17
All buildings owned by the Wesleyan Methodist Church and constructed before 1 January 2004 must have an Asbestos Management plan which is required to be reviewed every five years.

Asbestos Register: spreadsheet 17
This spreadsheet supports a part of the Asbestos Management Plan.


Church Planning and Review: process 17
Planning helps to focus on what is really important to fulfil the mission of the church and helps action to be intentional in implementing strategies to meet the identified goals. It also presents the challenge to analyse the proportion of finance and time that is allocated towards the key goals. As a way of making the church more relevant and focussed, a review process is incorporated as the precursor to developing the next Annual Plan.

Pastor’s Report to Conference: guidelines 17
The report to conference should be about how the church is progressing with its mission. It will describe the community, the strengths, the areas for further development, a celebration and a strategic future goal.



People Protection and Risk Management: template 17
It is a legal requirement in Queensland for all churches to have a personalized version of this document. This document includes the Privacy Policy which must be applied in church processes. 

Compliance Requirements: internal audit process 17
This is a checklist that could be used in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the church to demonstrate due diligence in the leadership and management of the church.

Guidelines for the 2016 Annual Information Statement: report 16
Each year the AIS must be completed by every church for the ACNC. Failure to complete this could result in the deregistering of the church as a charity and make the church unviable to function.

Policies and Guidelines for the Local Church: policy 17
This is the National document updated towards the end of each financial year.

Privacy Policy: template 17
This template assists a church to have its own Privacy policy that defines how personal information is going to be obtained, used and stored. 

Policy Register and Standing Rules of the SQ District: requirements 16
The South Queensland District has specific policies and rules related to church ministry in our District. The requirements in these apply to the duties and responsibilities of pastors and churches as well as operational requirements. These policies and rules can be added or modified by the action of the Annual District Conference. 

The Handbook of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia: constitution 17
The Handbook is the church’s legal constitution and describes the foundations of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Australia. It is our governing rules.


Church Financial Management: system 18
This is an excel based system for financial management in a small church. It is designed for no more than one employee. It provides the summary to complete a BAS return, a Budget Report for a detailed summary of Income and Expenditure, a Summary Report suitable to use at an LAC/LBA or Annual Meeting and a Financial Statistical Report to help complete the denominational annual report. 

Accelerating Church Growth: application 17
When a church commences a major building program or purchases a property, the District provides support that effectively reduces the loan interest payments for the first year thus accelerating a reduction in the loan principal.

Multiplying Churches New Work Support: application 17
Working with the DBA, when a new church opens, assistance may be provided for the first five years.

Multiplying Churches Continued Support: application 17
Each year a church receiving Multiplying Churches must provide a report and request for support to continue.

Church/Pastor Vehicle Purchase: sales tax exemption application 17
A Pastor or Church purchasing a vehicle to use predominantly for church business may apply to the DBA to gain Sales Tax exemption on the purchase.

Vehicle Purchase Indemnity: agreement 17
This form is a step in the process for obtaining the documents needed for the vehicle purchase.

Buying a Church Property: process 17
As soon as a church starts to consider buying a property,   the guidelines in this document must be followed.

Selling a Church Property: process 17
As soon as a church considers selling a property, the guidelines in this document must be followed. As the title for all properties are held by the “Property Trust”, the process is largely completed by a designated Property Trust member.

WMC Logo Brand Guide: guidelines 17
This file is the guideline for using the Wesleyan Church’s icons.

WMC icons: application 17
This is a Word document which contains each of the WMC icons. This may be a convenient way to copy an icon and paste into another document.


Applying for an ABN and registering with the ACNC: application 17
This complex process is completed by the Compliance Officer on behalf of the new church. The application form needs to be completed to provide the necessary details.

Starting a New Church: process 17
No new church can commence without following the process listed. There are legal liability risks as well as breaches to WMC policy if the process is not followed.

Church Startup Pastor’s Declaration: statement 17
Opening a new church incurs a commitment and financial capacity for which the DBA may require a declaration.

Closing a Church: process 17
A local church cannot consider closing without the involvement of the DBA.


Financial Statistical Report

General Statistical Report

Annual Service Report

Salary Support Agreement

Local Church Board Report

Conference Nominations